Wednesday, September 27, 2006

If only to see the world...

So it is 7:50 in the morning and I can barely stay awake. My only thought is going into this picture I have shown here (New Zealand). I love to travel and I find much enjoyment when I do. To see new things, experience new cultures, new languages, new lifestyles, and meet interesting people. I know I have been talking about the unltimate jobs lately and I think another ultimate job would be a travel show host. Take Anthony Bourdain ( for example. This man is a chef, bestselling author, and traveler. He gets to travel to several different places around the world, eating different foods, and just tells people about it on the Travel channel. That would be awesome!! But I guess I will see what happens in the future...I just need to win the lotto.

However, this week of school has been a bit hectic, at least the first half. I had a map test in my European Geography class and it wasn't that bad. We had about ~160 places to remember and many I had never heard of, like Pantelleria, the strait of Bonafacio, so I spent many an hour looking through my atlases. Then I have a Case law paper due and a spanish composition, and many other assignments. Sometimes I just wish professors would get together and discuss when they will assign specific things, so we don't have them all at once. (But that is major wishful thinking).

- Jason

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